Our Staff

Passion and a deep sense of purpose is at the heart of how the DVPMT Project was born. While the talents of our team vary greatly, their love for helping others and seeing them grow is equal. We look forward to working with you on this joint journey of constant human development.

Tristan Fouard

Owner and Head Programmer

Tristan’s personal mission is to turn people’s “I can’t’s” into “I can’s.” Ever since a child Tristan has loved sports and the pursuit of fitness. Tristan chased this passion through teaching P.E. and Health, coaching CrossFit at multiple gyms, to now owning an affiliate and constantly identifying ways to help others develop to achieve their goals. Programming specifically has become an art and passion of Tristans, which is where the DVPMT Project was born. Tristan believes in the importance of intentional training for every athlete, and to ensure the work your putting into the gym helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

Certificates & background: CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics, ACE Personal Training, Bachelors in Sports Management Wichita State University, Affiliate Owner

Kaden Sloan

Creative Director & Head of Sports Medicine

Kaden is the Owner of Excellence in Motion and MMNT Media and thrives in his passions for Performance Therapy and content creation. Kaden’s mission is to “inspire you to achieve your potential through movement” and help you to see that “every moment matters”. Kaden will soon earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is excited to be able to serve the athletic community through education and performance management. 

Certificates & background: Licensed Athletic Trainer, Certified Athletic Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer,

Becky Fouard

Marketing & Communications Director

Consistency and trusting the process; these are the two major life-lessons Becky has gained through her fitness journey. Becky started CrossFit in 2013 as a scaled athlete, and gradually over the years, and with Tristan’s coaching/programming, she’s not only lost 30 lbs but also has more skills and strength than she ever thought possible. Becky gladly joined the DVPMT team as marketing & communications director because she knows the impact a purposeful training plan can have on a person’s life.

Certificates & Background: CrossFit Level 2, Bachelor’s in Agriculture Communications & Journalism, minor in Leadership from Kansas State

Chloe Krejsa

Athlete Community Outreach

Chloe loves to encourage everyone in their unique pursuit of being the best version of themselves. She loves getting people out of their comfort zones and challenging themselves in their fitness journeys. Having joined a CrossFit affiliate in 2017, she has found the confidence that comes with following a good program and taking the time to hone in on skills and techniques. Chloe is currently working on a degree in health and fitness/coaching and wellness and is so excited to bring these talents to the table to make you the best version of yourself. 

Certificates & Background:
CrossFit Level 1, Currently obtaining a bachelor’s from the college of health with a concentration in health and fitness, minors in coaching and workplace wellness from Ball State University 

We’re excited to work with you

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