The DVPMT Project

We believe in constant development

We believe in constantly developing to be the best version of ourselves. Whether that’s for a CrossFit competition, or to chase a two-year-old around the house. Our aim is to reach health and fitness enthusiasts to provide the training needed to reach their goals, no matter how big or small.

Develop With Us

Programming unlike your traditional service.

DVPMT Project Offering

  • DVPMT Affiliate – programming for your functional fitness gym that meets the needs of every athlete level. Click here to learn more.
  • DVPMT Athlete – programming for those athletes wanting more outside their normal CrossFit class. If your focus is to build strength, cardio endurance, and/or gymnastic skills, then this program is for you. Click here to learn more.
  • DVPMT Team Training – in-person training for existing sports teams looking to cross-train. The focus is to build strength, agility and coordination. Click here to learn more.

Give it a try for FREE! Try DVPMT Affiliate and Athlete for a week free. Click the button below to let us know your’re interested.

More than a Workout

“The most powerful growth from this programming isn’t the physical, but rather the confidence I have gained.”

– Andrew Smiley

“Where I succeed in quite a few movements and olympic lifts, I lack in gymnastics. That’s where I get excited to be doing the accessory work and see my gymnastics progress…that’s what keeps me coming back.”

– Bran Lanning

“The program incorporates all our strength lifts while constantly doing skill work and WODs, keeping variety every day.”

– John Grey

DVPMT Operations

Our team is here to inspire every human to be the best version of themselves.

Training Camps

Join other athletes at our camps to test your fitness and have some fun competition. Click DVPMT Athlete to see future training camp dates.

Coach Education

Our DVPMT Affiliate customers receive access to attend our virtual coaching educational seminars.


All DVPMT programs include access to our private virtual community to connect with other fitness enthusiast.