DVPMT Affiliate

Programming for every athlete to develop.

DVPMT Affiliate:

Being a gym owner is hard, we know. The countless hours you spend coaching, reaching out to potential clients, managing your staff and operational work has you working well beyond a 40 hour work week. When you add programming for each week to the mix, that workload increases drastically. The DVPMT Affiliate is programming made with every member in mind. With a monthly subscription you get access to programming for you gym that has details for coaches, modifications for every level and the ideal stimulus for athletes each day.

With your monthly subscription to DVPMT Affiliate, you’ll also receive exclusive services that include:

  • Four different levels for each workout to help athletes tailor to their needs
  • Daily workout stimulus and coaching notes for your team
  • Programmed at home workouts for members quarantining
  • Attendance in our Coaches Coaching Coaches sessions
  • Virtual Community access to connect with other affiliate owners

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