Giving your team the competitive edge.

DVPMT Team Training

Athletes looking to cross-train for their sport of choice, need a coach who can program with specific outcomes in mind. If you’re looking to get stronger, faster or more coordinated to name a few, then this program is for you and your teammates. Exclusive in-person team training takes place at M4G CrossFit on the Eastside of Indianapolis. If your team is interested in a group cross training time, contact us and we can set up your first training session for half the normal price.

What you get:
  • Drills to improve athlete coordination, explosiveness and agility
  • Strength training specific to your sport
  • Workouts the grow your teams endurance threshold to go longer with more power
  • Coaching from head coach and programmer Tristan Fouard, who’s been training athletes and teams for over 7 years
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